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Heraldry and Significance

I have found different versions of the Calderon coat of arms.  The origin of it is still elusive and I am still working on finding the most accurate rendition.  The column on the right shows the general consensus so far.  They are similar, yet slightly different.  Version #1 seems to be the most accepted one for the name as a whole.
Going by heraldic tradition, the colors and symbols on our shield typically represent the following:
* Gold - Symbolizes nobility, splendor, prosperity, riches, power and light.  The family that wears this color must therefore be characterized by their magnanomous and noble qualities, and must serve the King in cultivating the fine arts.  They must be the first to defend knightly virtues, help those in needed and defend the Crown to their dying breath.
* Caldrons - At first I thought it represented the name.  On further review, they stand for great service to the Crown.  Typically, they must be shown with the handle up, and the number of them simbolizes the number of lands they own.
* Banner/Flag - Simbolizes military valor.
* Red - Typically simbolizes charity.  The qualities must be valor, nobility, happines, honor and fury.  They are obligated to help those that are oppressed by injustice.

Version #1 (Most common)

Version #2 (Santander & Palencia)

Version #3a (Toledo & Trujillo)

Version #3b (Toledo & Trujillo)

Coats of Arms
If you can verify or modify the information, please contact me.