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Some historical marks left by our relatives throughout time:

  • 13th Century - Fortun Ortiz Calderon fights in the Re-Conquering of Seville and Baeza (Spain), his son Fransisco Ortiz Calderon is named Prior of San Juan (Spain) and his other son, Sancho Ortiz Calderon is named Mayor of Santiago (Spain)
  • 1340 - Alfonso Ortiz Calderon is defeated in the naval Battle of Tarifa by the moors
  • 1540-42 - Fransisco Calderon takes part in Coronado's Spanish expedition through the American southwest in search of treasure.
  • 1600 - Pedro Calderon de la Barca is born.  One of the greatest dramatists of Spain's Golden Age (17th century) and of all time, he wrote more than 120 plays, including Life Is a Dream (1635).
  • 1612 - Rodrigo Calderon is named Marquis of Siete Iglesias (Spain) by Spanish King Felipe III.  He was also Mayor and Knight of Santiago.  He was executed in 1621 after being accussed of poisoning the Spanish Queen.  His refusal (under torture) to admit the crime gave birth to a Spanish saying that translates to 'As proud as Don Rodrigo in the noose', associated with people that even under the most dire of circumstances maintain their pride intact.
  • 1748 - Vicente F. Calderon is named Mayor of Santiago (Spain) and Knight of the Order of Santiago
  • 1777 - Fernando Calderon is named Count of San Juan by Spanish King Carlos III
  • 1822 - Abdon Calderon commands Ecuador's army's 3rd Company in the Battle of Pichincha.  The victory leads to Ecuador's independence from Spain.  He is mortally wounded during the battle but refuses to withdraw.  The Abdon Calderon medal is now given to Ecuador members of the armed forces for meritorious service during times of war.
  • 1852 - Juan R. Calderon is elected mayor of Morovis, PR
  • 1882 - Climaco Calderon Reyes becomes President of Colombia for one day.
  • 1887 - Philip Hermogenes Calderon become the Keeper of the London Royal Academy of Arts at the age of 31
  • 1898 - Felipe G. Calderon drafts the Malolos Constitution of the Philippines (ratified in 1899).
  • 1905 - 1907 - Juan R. Calderon Mujica is the first mayor of Canovanas, PR (although the town was not officially recognized until 1909.  He is listed as a co-founder).
  • 1933 - Augusto Calderon Sandino's led a rebellion 8-year rebellion which leads to the withdrawal of US forces in Nicaragua in 1933 after a 20 year presence.
  • 1940-1944 - Rafael Calderon is President of Costa Rica (his refusal to accept defeat in the 1948 elections leads to civil war).  He later served (1966-70) as ambassador to Mexico.
  • 1984 - Ivan Calderon plays MLB for the Seattle Mariners.  His career spaned 10 years, as he played for the Mariners, White Sox, Red Sox and Expos.
  • 1989 - Alberto Calderon (Argentina) wins the Wolf Prize, Mathematics highest award.  His work in mathematical analysis has made him be considered on of the most, if not the most, influential mathematician of the 20th century.
  • 1992 - Mercedes Calderon (Cuba) wins gold in the 1992 Summer Olympics for team volleyball.
  • 1994 - Armando Calderon becomes President of El Salvador
  • 1996 - Charles Calderon becomes the first Latino Senate Majority Floor Leader
  • 2000 - Sila Calderon becomes the first female Governor of Puerto Rico
  • 2001 - Sgt. Jose Calderon dies in 9/11 Pentagon terrorist attack.
  • 2002 - Calderon Ancestry webpage goes online
  • 2005 - Jose Calderon joins the NBA's Toronto Raptors
  • 2006 - Felipe Calderon elected President of Mexico

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